SSL Explained


SSL (secure sockets layer) is an information protection measure that your computer uses to safeguard your private and personal data. So much for geek speak. You simply need to understand what it does. SSL converts what you type into your computer (e.g. your name, bank account number, and password) into a code that no one but you and the computer you are sending that information to understands. Its purpose is to keep the bad guys from stealing your identity, your money, your life. You must have a piece of software called a “certificate” on your computer to encrypt (code) all the information you send. This software must be purchased from a trusted source that all computer browsers recognize. If you are operating an e-commerce website, you need one. If you are a private citizen, you can share the SSL certificate on the e-commerce website you are accessing and do not need your own certificate. If you are working remotely from home for an employer that wants company data protected, you need one. We recommend the good guys at SSL NOW  to meet all your SSL certificate needs.