Content Management System is a program where you can publish, manage and change content either through a backend portal or frond end editor.

There are two major CMS programs called Wordpress and Joomla .

Wordpress is mainly used for personal and business blogs . Joomla is used as a more advanced System in which content can be displayed, therefore can manage to deliver a much neater and worthwhile project.

The most important thing to understand is that Joomla is a piece of software

What kind of software is it? Joomla is a content management system (CMS) that acts as the interface between your computer and the web server computer that you are uploading content to for your blog or website. It keeps track of every piece of content on your website, much as a library keeps track of books, magazines, CD’s, DVD’s, ebooks … anything the library lends to people. Content is any file you transfer to the web server be it wedding pictures, your concept of the meaning of life, your rock band audition video … anything. Just remember that what you publish to the web stays on the web … forever.

Why do people use a CMS? It requires practically no technical skill outside of being computer literate and the ability to read. You do not need to know how to program (HTML, PHP, MySQL … none of them) since the CMS does all that for you by creating the space on your website or blog for your content. It creates the code and conveniently does not tell you what it is so you don’t get all worked up and nervous but, it’s in there. It then manages all your content at your command through a control panel that is easy to use and understand (that’s where your reading skills are put to the test). Personally, the click and see what happens method works too.

The basic software has all the capability you need to manage your content. Learn how to use it before you run off and start downloading all the additional parts that you can hang off the basic package. There are no less than five different types of extensions for Joomla that provide you an array of capabilities beyond the basic package.>