cloud hosting


We have entered the world of euphemisms and misdirection when we talk of cloud hosting. Let us set the record straight right from the beginning. You are not going to be doing anything different from what you were doing before. You will still sit in front of your computer and do whatever it is you normally do.

The difference is what is going on inside your computer. When you are using a cloud computing environment (cloud hosting), you will not find your computing resources on your computer. Say what? You heard right. Your application programs (Microsoft Office for example) is on the remote web server as is the Word document you are actually typing. You are using computing resources that are being delivered as a service over the Internet or other network. Most big corporations have been cloud computing for years. The corporately owned software exists only in the server room on the network server and when you log on to do your killer PowerPoint briefing for tomorrows sales meeting, you remotely connect to PowerPoint and your briefing, once done, exists only on the network server and not your machine.

You are, in effect, using a dumb terminal (your computer or tablet) to view what is going on in the computer (web server) you are actually using which probably exists hundreds or even thousands of miles away from where you are … in the cloud. Actually, the name cloud is the misdirection in this whole thing. The “cloud” is actually an abstract symbol shaped like a cloud that shows up on the network infrastructure diagrams that represents the computing system as a whole … really boring stuff. For the record, you can see “the cloud” in the picture. Now, aren’t you sorry you asked?

The upshot of all this is that you pay for the service and not for software or hard drives to store your data. The going thought is that it is cheaper for the user because you do not have to keep upgrading your software every time Microsoft releases the next iteration of Office and you do not have to store your data. The service you buy does all that for you. In simple terms, you are entrusting your service to be there when you need it (your Internet Service Provider is a main player there), you trust him to have the software applications you need, and you trust your service to store your data and produce it on demand. Thus, if you are a trusting soul, then cloud hosting is for you.