direct admin description

DirectAdmin is server level web host control panel software. It is not a content management system (CMS) for managing your website. It is not free. You must buy this software in order to use it in managing your servers and web hosting empire. Yes, empire, as you can manage hundreds of sites from this one piece of software. DirectAdmin is not to be confused with WordPress, Joomla or Drupal, which are content management systems for controlling what, happens on a single web site that is hosted on a server. DirectAdmin is the next level up control panel that controls what happens on all the websites hosted on that one server. If you subscribe to a web hosting service to put your website on the Internet, this is the software that the owner of the web hosting service uses to monitor and service your WordPress, Joomla or Drupal enabled website. These are some of the more important functions your host can perform using DirectAdmin:


  • Create and manage your website email addresses
  • Manage domain name server (DNS) functions (Internet access)
  • Create and manage file transfer protocol (FTP) users on the server ( a way to move files across the web other than attaching them to emails etc.)
  • View your website statistics such as bandwidth allowed, disk space limitations
  • Install secure socket layer (SSL) certificates for site security.
  • Create and manage Internet sub domains in the event you do not buy your own domain name, the web host can put your website under a master domain as a sub domain.
  • Set up directory passwords
  • Set up error pages
  • Recover from server crashes and outages (DirectAdmin has an automatic reboot feature)


There are more but you get the idea. The person manning this control panel controls your access and website connectivity. Be nice. This person will help you dig out from under whatever trouble you are having with your website on the host server. He can solve problems.